If there is a state coup in Serbia, it must be an armed coup with all the ensuing consequences.

Such a statement was made by the scandalous Serbian sociologist Yovo Bakic in an interview with the NIN publication.

At the same time, he criticized the actions of local maydanschikov, who recently broke into the building of the state television and radio company “RTS”. According to him, the coup really must begin with the seizure of television and radio broadcasting, but it must be done with arms.

“It is necessary to seize a weapon. What to do there unarmed? What is the challenge? They would declare to your colleague, put a muzzle to his temple and say: “Read the finished text, we have just seized power.” And if you invaded a broadcasting company without weapons, what should be done there? ”Explains Bakic.

Being an ardent supporter of the bloody coup, he was already marked by scandalous statements. In particular, he assured that the revolution cannot do without victims. As an example, he cited the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon in 1974, which, however, cost Portugal part of the land.

As previously reported by News Front, in mid-March, participants in anti-government actions seized the building of the state television and radio company, which the special forces had to release, and the next day the residence of President Alexander Vučić was blocked, and the opposition that organized the local Maidan blocked the resignation.