Trump Says Mexico Is Doing More for US Border Than Democrats

On Monday, US President Donald Trump said that in the near future Mexico will announce an agreement with Washington on something else as part of their immigration deal.

Mr Trump has taken to Twitter to repeatedly rebuke the Democrats for not contributing to the security of the US southern border:

“Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress! “

Last week, the US and Mexico issued a joint bilateral declaration on measures to reduce the flow of illegal migrants through the US-Mexican border. ​Mexico has agreed to send its National Guard to the southern border and take steps to stop human smuggling. The US, for its part, will return asylum seekers trying to cross the border to Mexico, where they will remain as their cases are decided on.

The so-called ‘migrant caravan’ from Central America began making its way to the US through Mexico in the autumn of 2018. In February, Mr Trump declared a national emergency over the migrant situation in order to raise funds for the construction of his much-debated border wall.