Trump Threatens Reinstating Tariffs Against Mexico

US President Donald Trump has repeated his threat of tariffs against Mexico, saying that the US has already signed a portion of the planned immigration and security pact with the country and warning that Washington would follow through with its threat if the deal was not ratified by Mexican lawmakers.

“We have fully signed and documented another very important part of the Immigration and Security deal with Mexico, one that the US has been asking about getting for many years,” Trump tweeted, adding that the details would be revealed “in the not too distant future.”

Trump promised to move forward with the promised tariff hike unless Mexico’s parliament voted to approve the deal.

On Friday, Washington announced that it had reached an agreement with Mexico City about a border security deal aimed at curbing the flow of illegal immigration from Central America into the United States. Under the deal, Mexico is obliged to deploy its National Guard forces throughout the country, particularly on its southern border, and work more actively to dismangle human smuggling operations. The US, in turn, will return asylum seekers attempting to cross the Mexico-US border to Mexico, where they will be held until a decision on whether or not to grant asylum is provided.