Syria: Clashes continue as SAA tries to recapture strategic hill of Tal Meleh

Clashes continued around Tal Meleh on Sunday, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is trying to recapture the strategic hill that overlooks the road between Hama and Muhradah, in northern Syria.

A SAA First Lieutenant explained: “We are now in Hama northern countryside, at Kafr Hood village. You can see the advance towards Tal Meleh, we are advancing in order to recapture Tal Meleh and Jibeen, confront the violations, and restore the situation in Hama northern countryside as it was before, in addition to opening the highway between Muhradah to Suqaylabiyah to return to the situation as it was.”

He added that the “casualties are massive” and went on to say: “Our forces will – hopefully – restore the situation in the areas of violations.”

Footage shows clouds of smoke billowing after shelling, as well as soldiers and military equipment.


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