Police shot and injured a man exhibiting “threatening behavior” at Malmo Central Station in Sweden on Monday morning. Parts of the neighborhood have been labeled notorious ‘no-go’ areas for drug and gang crime.

The station was evacuated and a bomb squad has been called to the scene. No other injuries have been reported. It’s too early to say whether the incident is terrorism related, police said.

The man is being treated by emergency services.

Authorities were called to the busy train station in southern Sweden after receiving reports of a man behaving threateningly. “The police were sent there and were forced to shoot him,” police press officer Calle Persson said, 24Malmo reports.

Sweden suffered a serious terrorist attack in 2017, when a supporter of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) rammed a truck onto a busy street in Stockholm, killing five people.

A number of media reports have claimed neighborhoods in Malmo are ‘no go zones’ as a result of gang violence. The city has seen a large influx of immigrants which reportedly put a strain on its resources.

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