According to the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, the parliament of the republic can be dissolved on Sunday, June 9.

The corresponding decision of the Constitutional Court was made during the consideration of the request of the President of the country, Igor Dodon, on the date of the possible termination of the legislative body’s powers.

According to the explanations of the judges, the parliament, in the absence of a coalition, can be dissolved 90 days after the recognition of the election results, which happened only on March 9. Thus, the dissolution of the parliament may occur tomorrow.

Recall, Parliamentary elections in Moldova took place back in February, but none of the parties that passed to the legislature could receive a sufficient number of mandates to form a government. To create interfactional coalition also has not yet succeeded. Attempts at negotiations between the parties were crowned with success due to the tough positions of each of them. In particular, even in the European Union they pinned their hopes on an alliance between the Party of Socialists and the pro-European bloc ACUM. However, the leaders of the latter, although they were ready to concede the post of Speaker of Parliament to the PSRM, at the last moment changed their minds.

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