Colombia opposes military interference in Venezuelan crisis

Colombia does not support military interference in Venezuelan domestic affairs, Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo said, when asked if the country was ready to provide its territories to the United States if Washington decided to start a military operation in Venezuela.

“Colombia supports only political and diplomatic measures. Colombia does not support either use of force or military interference. Only political and diplomatic measures,” Trujillo said.

Venezuela has been suffering from a severe political crisis since late January, when US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido illegally proclaimed himself interim leader in a bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power.

The United States and a range of its allies have endorsed Guaido and called on Maduro to step down to allow for a new election to be organized. Russia, China, Bolivia, Turkey and numerous other countries have, in turn, voiced their support for Maduro as the only legitimate president of Venezuela. Colombia is part of the 14-member Lima Group, which was created in 2017 to end the crisis in Venezuela.