Serbia had previously had a civil protection structure in Kosovo and Metohija, which consisted of former police and army officers. This structure ceased to exist after the signing of the Brussels Treaty between Belgrade and Pristina in 2013, but now it could be formed from the territory of Central Serbia, historian Dragomir Angelkovic told the Serbian Sputnik.

“This is not easy to do now, because any attempt will be challenged. However, it is possible to create a structure in Central Serbia so that it can react in the north of Kosovo. We need to do something, because what is happening now is unacceptable” , – emphasized Andhelkovich.

“Everything depends on the desire of Belgrade,” he answered the question of how realistic his proposal was.

The expert also noted that what happened last week demonstrates the integration of the NATO mission in Kosovo with the Albanian authorities in the controversial region.

“They behave like the armed forces of the so-called” Republic of Kosovo “, and not the neutral side, called upon to maintain order,” the historian said.

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