Hezbollah warns US, Israel and Saudi Arabia not to attack Iran

The leader of Hezbollah has warned the US and its Middle Eastern allies against seeking war with Iran, saying it would set the entire region on fire and result in the extermination of American, Israeli, and Saudi forces.

“Any war on Iran would mean the whole region will be set ablaze,” Hassan Nasrallah warned Friday. “All US forces and interests in the region will be exterminated and those who conspired (with US) will pay the price; first Israel, then Al Saud.”

The leader of Lebanese Hezbollah, and a close ally of Tehran, made the comments on the day King Salman of Saudi Arabia gathered the kingdom’s Arab allies in Mecca to reach a common position against Iran. Addressing delegates of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) emergency summit, the monarch accused Iran of sabotaging commercial ships in the Gulf, and claimed that Tehran may once again try to “target the safety of navigation and world oil supplies.”

While the Saudis try to form a united front against its arch-rival, the US military has already mustered a massive force in the region, including an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers, right on Iran’s doorsteps under the pretext of countering “clear indications” of threats to American interests from the Islamic Republic.

Iran, which strongly denies attacking four vessels off the coast of United Arab Emirates last month, rejected the accusations made at an Arab summit as “baseless,” and blamed the Saudis of joining the United States and Israel in a “hopeless” effort to turn public opinion against the Islamic Republic. Tehran, which called American military deployments and hawkish statements a form of “physiological warfare,” claims that it has enough capabilities to repel any unlikely US-led aggression.


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