Mueller’s Presser Showed Once and for All That He’s a Deep State Partisan Hack

Mueller's Presser Showed Once and for All That He's a Deep State Partisan Hack

Robert Mueller gave a very brief press conference Wednesday morning to discuss his 2 year inquisition.

Mueller was a coward and refused to take any questions from reporters — he took a swipe at President Trump, spread fake news about the Russian interference in the 2016 election, threw some impeachment chum in the water for Democrats, then left the building.

Mueller was silent for 2 years as he hunted down President Trump and his associates only to release a gargantuan report written by his “pitbull” Weissmann.

But today, Mueller personally came out and smeared President Trump in a disgusting and shameful one-sided press conference.

In one of Mueller’s more shocking statements on Wednesday, he actually declared the Russians he charged with crimes are “innocent until proven guilty,” yet he flipped the justice system upside down and held President Trump to a different standard — in other words, Donald Trump isn’t guaranteed Constitutional rights of “equal protection under the law.”

“If we had confidence the president DID NOT commit a crime we would have said so. We did not however make a determination if the president did commit a crime,” Mueller said.

So according to Mueller, President Donald Trump, an American citizen, does not have protection of the US Constitution where he is presumed innocent until convicted of a specific crime by a jury. President Trump has to prove he’s innocent? What kind of standard is this? Where is the DOJ on this utterly dangerous and unconstitutional precedent set by Mueller?

Who is Mueller to declare whether Donald Trump is innocent or not?

Watch Mueller defend Russians who have been charged with crimes – they are ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ — yet hold an American president to a different standard:

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said on Wednesday evening that Mueller destroyed whatever reputation he had with this political attack on President Trump, turning the rule of law on its head.

Where the hell is the Republican party to come out and challenge Mueller who proved today that he is a political, partisan hack?

Where is Attorney General Bill Barr?

On Wednesday night law professor and author Alan Dershowitz went off on Robert Mueller following his Wednesday statements.

Alan Dershowitz: What I saw today was him putting his thumbs on the scale. When he said, “If we had confidence the president DID NOT commit a crime we would have said so.” That was absolutely inappropriate for him to say.

It was worse than anything that Comey said when he exonerated Hillary Clinton but then said “but she engaged in criminal conduct.” This is much, much worse. And it does show that he had a motive to help the Democrats.


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