Hungary Financed The “Quiet” Integration Of Transcarpathia

In the Transcarpathian region, which has long been the cause of the dispute between Kiev and Budapest, a large-scale campaign will be launched to support the Hungarian culture in the region.

This is reported by local media.

According to reports, the Hungarian government has already allocated 2.5 billion forints [8.6 million dollars] for the project.

In particular, according to the portal “”, the head of the Hungarian ministry for the development of cooperation between the Sabolc-Satmar-Bereg region and Transcarpathians István Grež called the initiative “Hungarian cultural integration”.

According to him, we are talking about holding theatrical performances of a high artistic level. In addition, in the first phase of the project, the Hungarian National Theater in Beregovo will be restored. The program will be launched next year. At the same time, Istvan Grezha stressed that Budapest is ready to provide support not only to the ethnic Hungarians of Transcarpathia, but also to other residents.

Recall that the situation around Transcarpathia aggravated after the Kiev regime decided to tighten the legislation in the field of education, depriving Transcarpathian Hungarians of the opportunity to study in their native language. It is worth noting that Budapest regularly allocates money to support the Western Ukrainian region, financing health, education, and social and cultural spheres.