Germany, like most other EU member states, recognized Kosovo’s independence in 2008, but since then the situation in the quasi-state has changed dramatically.

About this, as reported by the German editorial agency News Front , said the deputy of the Berlin regional parliament from the party “Alternative for Germany” Gunnar Lindemann.

“In Kosovo, based on the number of residents, the largest number of militants of the Islamic state * among European countries,” he said, adding that, in addition, the self-proclaimed “republic” became the bulwark of organized crime in the Western Balkans. He also drew attention to the order of 140 Christian churches in Kosovo, which were destroyed by arson.

“Given the general circumstances, the recognition of [Kosovo’s independence] must be reconsidered if the federal government is interested in stable conditions in Europe,” Lindemann said.

As previously reported by News Front, a professor of political science at the University of Banja Luka, Srja Trifkovic, suggested closing the “geopolitical corridor” for Kosovo to Europe . According to him, the implementation of such a scenario “would lead to the fact that Kosovo would cease to function.”

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