Juan Guaido posted a tweet Saturday reiterating that the opposition will be satisfied with nothing short of the removal of President Nicolas Maduro from office, even though both Maduro’s and Guaido’s delegations are engaged in reconciliation talks in Norway.

“We pursue all options with responsibility,” he tweeted. “Our route is very clear: an end of usurpation, [creation of] interim government and free elections, and will pursue it in all areas of struggle, committed to URGENT changes that our country needs.”

The tweet comes just hours after Norway’s Foreign Ministry announced it will host the second round of talks between delegations of Venezuela’s opposing forces.

“We announce that the representatives of the major political actors in Venezuela have decided to return to Oslo next week to continue a process facilitated by Norway”, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

Reacting to the statement, Maduro thanked the government of Norway for its efforts in making the negotiations possible.

“Our delegation will travel to Oslo with a willingness to work on the agreed comprehensive agenda and to advance the creation of great agreements,” Maduro tweeted Saturday.

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