More than a hundred investigators and technical experts are involved in searching for the suspect in the recent blast that left 13 people injured in the French city of Lyon, the Figaro reported on Saturday.

The probe is led by the anti-terrorism unit of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to the French newspaper, in total, over 100 people are involved in the efforts to find the perpetrator, including 90 investigators, 30 technical experts and 20 employees of local investigative agencies.

The BFMTV channel, meanwhile, alleges, citing unformed sources, that investigators have found what they believe are DNA samples of the perpetrator. The findings purportedly have not yet helped to establish the suspect’s identity.

This fresh reports come after explosion broke out on Friday in downtown Lyon near Bellecour Square, one of the city’s attractions. As shown by CCTV cameras, a man, aged 30-35, rode a bicycle to the bakery and set aside a bundle, which subsequently exploded.

Earlier in the day, media reported that the detonated suitcase had a remote control system and contained flechettes.

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