US media tried to accuse Assad of “chemical attack” using last year’s fake video

US media tried to accuse Assad of "chemical attack" using last year's fake video

Another attempt to accuse the Assad’s government of using chemical weapons in Syria turned into a scandal for the American television channel Fox News.

Dedicated to the “new chemical attack” story told about the events in Latakia. At the same time, a certain doctor Ahmad from Syrian Idlib, who claims to have treated the victims, became the “witness” of the incident.

“On May 19, we received information about an attack using toxic gases in a battle between Syrian military and revolutionaries. Four people came with red eyes, trying with all their might to breathe, they also had headaches,” the TV channel quoted the words as “source”. At the same time, referring to all the same “doctor”, the media claim that the victims “smelled of chlorine.”

However, it is noteworthy that recordings from the city of Douma, which were filmed last year during a production intended to discredit the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, were used as “evidence” of the so-called “chemical attack” in the video.


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