Migrant Crisis Turned Into Epidemiological Catastrophe For Bosnia

The sanitary-epidemiological situation in the Un-Sansk canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina is out of control amid outbreaks of epidemics of various infectious diseases among migrants.

According to the RTRS [Radio and Television of the Republika Srpska], the situation in the receiving centers of Bira and Miral, where about 3 thousand migrants live, is disturbing.

“These are mainly young people aged 15 to 30 years. Many of them have HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C. There are also drug addicts among them. The situation is alarming, ”said the Minister of Health of the Un-Sansk canton Nermina Chemalovich.

She pointed out that the situation in the canton is becoming more and more dangerous and concerns not only migrants. Health care professionals are trying to keep it under control, but this is becoming unreal. “In the hall [of the reception center], where about 2 thousand migrants live, the epidemiological situation cannot be controlled,” Chemalovich emphasized.

She expressed concern that the flow of migrants does not stop, and there are not even enough places in hospitals: “The infectious disease department cannot accept a large number of patients, as does the Department of Pulmonology.”