Both Russia and the West should take reciprocal steps to resolve issues relating to the Crimea, since five years have passed since its reunification with Russia, and it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no way back, such statement was made by the chairman of the French Senate Committee on European Affairs, Jean Bizet.

He stressed that he had personally always been a supporter of partnership with Russia, but the Crimean question still hinders bilateral cooperation.

“We were disappointed by the Russian position on Ukraine, because, in our view, there was a violation of international norms, but even so, I remained committed to continuing the dialogue and trade with Russia. In the Senate, I have repeatedly said that I oppose the sanctions regime. In this regard, even resolutions were adopted. Nevertheless, I would like Moscow to take reciprocal steps to resolve the situation in Ukraine. Everyone has long known that there is no longer any way back on the issue of Crimea,” the French politician said.

According to him, the situation could have been resolved by holding a second referendum in the Crimea with the same result as five years ago, since the senator believes that the first plebiscite was allegedly “undemocratic.”

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