Serb party billboards vandalized with hate messages in Croatia

Ahead of the EU elections, placards put up by a Serb minority party in Croatia have been defaced with hate messages in several cities. Croatia, an EU member, struggles with nationalism and strong anti-Serb sentiment.

Political ads for a Serb political party in Croatia have been repeatedly defaced with symbols of Croatia’s pro-Nazi Ustasha regime and anti-Serb slogans amid the campaign for the EU Parliament.

A photo posted by Serb representative Milorad Pupovac on Monday shows a billboard in Zagreb (pictured above) with a scribbled message “Slaughter Serb children, kill the Serb.”

Similar hate messages drew media attention in several other cities, including the popular tourist destination of Split earlier this month. In the seaside resort, Ustasha slogan “For home(land) ready” was added to the billboard of Pupovac’s Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS).


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