Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban offered a preview of his meeting with President Donald Trump as the two sat together at the White House Monday, including the protection of Christians around the world.
“We are proud that so many Hungarians contributed to the tremendous progress of United States,” said Orban, who expressed that he was very happy to be back at the White House. He said he was there for the first time 20 years ago. 

Orban added that he had some expectations for meetings with President Trump over the course of the afternoon:

First of all to strengthen our strategic alliance, then to discuss global political issues because so many changes are going on and we have some similar approaches. And I would like to express that we are proud to stand together with United States on fighting against illegal migration, on terrorism, and to protect and help the Christian communities all around the world.
Trump responded with praise for Orban’s work to protect Christian communitie: “You have put a block up and we appreciate that very much.” Earlier in his remarks, the president said that the two would be discussing NATO, trade, and other subjects. He added that they would be meeting with representatives of Hungary after their bilateral meeting.

President Trump later added that Orban is a respected ma as the two addressed reporters ahead of their meeting.

“From the people, by the people, for the people,” Orban said in regards to the aim of the Hungarian people.

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