Germany: Three people found killed by crossbow bolts in Bavarian hotel room

The bodies of three people apparently killed by crossbow bolts were discovered in a hotel in Passau on Saturday. Footage shot on Monday shows the hotel in the Bavarian town where the corpses were found.

An employee in the hotel Zur Triftsperre in Passau found three guests dead in a room with crossbow arrows in their bodies. The dead guests were a 53 year old man, a 33 year old woman and a 30 year old woman. The man was lying on a bed hand in hand with one of the two women, while the other was discovered on the floor.

The mystery became even more intriguing when on Monday police found two dead women in the house of one of the victims in the town of Wittingen in Lower Saxony. Is it still unclear how these murders are connected.


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