BBC Biased Broadcasting Corporation

BBC Biased Broadcasting Corporation

I watched Andrew Marr’s BBC interview with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and it was the most biased interview I have ever seen and clearly illustrated the point that the BBC is the enemy of the people too.
When, and it is now when not if, Nigel Farage gets anywhere near the levers of power one of his first jobs must be to slash or cut the compulsory licence fee immediately.

 Clearly, not many people are turned on by their soft lefty propaganda as it is on its last legs and is effectively bailed out by a charitable trust and begging for its dwindling band of readers to give it handouts.  
In local radio, of which I am a passionate supporter, all free thought has been suppressed by management diktat and as a direct result, audiences have fallen off a cliff. Local radio needs local personalities with local passion and prejudices and the audience demand honesty not just pale imitations of soft left national news and discussion.But why is anti-Brexit and anti-Trump rhetoric allowed on their entertainment shows like Graham Norton on Saturdays?

I don’t know what the programme is called as Russell was too busy telling Norton how he just had to write this state of the nation piece as soon as Trump was elected, it was his duty to save the world or some other drivel. This ludicrous pompous fool was not challenged at all about his political views of the President of the free world. Why? Because this is how the BBC work and works you, the slow drip, drip of their agenda into the body politic and it makes me sick.

It was reminiscent of the way David Dimbleby interviewed Nick Griffin on Question Time all those years ago. Instead of just asking him to comment along with the other politicians on the panel on the issues of the day and the questions from the audience, Dimbleby turned it into an all-out attack on this foul, knuckle-dragging racist.

It was daft, it was embarrassing and dare I say biased. Dimbleby should have let him hang himself with his own words.

But in Farage’s case, he is most definitely not a racist and Marr (ex-editor of the Independent, there’s a surprise) decided that he, just like luvvie Russell, had to protect us from the danger of Farage, the Monster!

I thought it was legitimate to bring up the NHS and I thought Farage’s answer was perfect and people can make their own minds up, that is called political debate but what on earth were the questions about Putin and gun control all about? 

Love him or loathe him, you cannot deny that Farage has and is creating a political earthquake and surely it is more important to discuss why that is happening now and what the consequences of this revolt could be.

It is important to stress that this interview wasn’t just Marr going off-piste, so to speak, this attack was pre-planned by the producer and editors of his programme and no doubt by the higher echelons of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, just, as I am sure, the Nick Griffin appearance was.

Because that is the point. These Establishment goons do put Farage and indeed all of us who wanted to leave in the same bracket as far right lunatics and racists like the BNP, National Front and rabid Far right nutjobs.

Farage triumphed on Question Time earlier in the week and of course, was aided and abetted by young Emily in the audience who was allowed to say what she felt about the Brexit betrayal but not allowed to respond to Amber Dudd’s patronising reply. That’s strange isn’t it? NOT.

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The audience was clearly on Farage’s side and the polls back that up too, which is why Marr thought he had to save us all on Sunday. He was pathetic and the programme is beyond pathetic.

I asked in a previous column, ‘could Nigel Farage be our Trump?’ Well clearly the BBC think so as they are determined to elevate him to Pariah status just as they did with Donald Trump. They continue to treat Donald like this despite the facts that he is succeeding and the effect of their bias to Nigel and the Brexit party will result in the same thing; more and more people will vote for Nigel.

Like liberal hand wringing bed wetters, these cultural Marxists believe they can keep their finger in the dyke or demand that the waves and the populist tide can be halted by reading the Guardian, singing Kumbaya, crucifying Danny Baker for a mistake, and shouting “waycist waycist” at anyone who dares to contradict their collective mindset. 

Well, I am afraid the likes of Russell and Marr are mistaken as there is a tsunami building up and they are largely responsible for it and it will take more than the good Doctor or singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” to stop it.

Let me give the final word, which is more than Marr, did to Nigel Farage, “You are not prepared to talk about what is going on this country today. You’re in denial. The BBC’s in denial. The Tory Party’s in denial. The Labour Party’s in denial. I think you’re in for a bigger surprise on Thursday week than you can even imagine.”


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