A recent report on radical teachings in Islamic schools throughout the United Kingdom forces to consider the issue of radicalism in a new perspective.

Last week, it turned out that 48 British madrasas (a Muslim educational institution), some of which had previously been recognized as disseminating radical teachings, are raising a new generation of “preachers”.

According to a secret government report originally published by the Daily Mail journalists, imams emerging from these madrassas are as radical as extremist clergymen who come to the UK from abroad.

In addition, at least four of these schools had previously been criticized by the authorities for promoting the idea that music and dancing originate from the devil and that women have no right to refuse sex with their husbands.

According to reports, the Darcy-Nizami program, which is a literal interpretation of the Koran, is used in these schools. It is believed that the program is based on the dogmatic-philosophical trend – deobandi, which is used in the training of Taliban and Islamic State militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Deobandi program, which originated in the 18th century, contains works by medieval Islamic jurists and is not adapted to the modern world. Such a statement was made by Professor of the University of Lancaster Navar Kassom.

It seems that Western countries are facing the consequences of their own policies adopted in recent decades. Navar Kassome believes that radical Islamists have benefited from Western laws protecting minorities and religious freedom.

“The tracking of the madrasses that preach radical Islam is the direct task of the Ministry of Education and law enforcement,” said the professor.

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