Hungary’s far-right party leader supported idea of Transcarpathia’s autonomy from Ukraine

The leader of the right-wing Hungarian party “Jobbik” Tomash Schneider visited the Hungarian villages in the Beregovo district of Transcarpathia and expressed support for the idea of territorial autonomy of the region from the Kiev authorities.

During his visit, Schneider noted that in the long term, “a good solution would be if Transcarpathia gained autonomy,” since this would allow solving important issues on the spot, rather than waiting for another decision from Kiev to come. As an example, he cites a road made of rock that was taken from the Muzhievsky gold mine.

In addition, the politician focused on the territorial autonomy of Transcarpathia, which, according to the politician, should also provide for economic. This is necessary to ensure that the money earned in Transcarpathia, remained in the region, and did not go to Kiev.