German MP calls US ‘occupiers’: Europe turns away from America

Germany is starting to move further and further away from its “loyal allies” in the face of the United States.

German MP calls US 'occupiers': Europe turns away from America

Increasingly, Berlin resists the edicts of Washington and goes against his will. It has even been about American military bases.

“The US military bases are not an alliance, but an occupation. Take, for example, the same Ramstein air base in Germany. No citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany can enter there. Even the police can not. What is being done inside, we do not understand and do not know. Materials, products and equipment are imported there, but we do not control this process. We do not know what is stored there. And this is no longer a partnership, ”said German deputy Valdemar Gerdt.

The country only suffers from such a “partnership” with the States. “Alternative for Germany” plans to raise the issue of lifting anti-Russian sanctions in the near future. Germany has already lost more than 100 billion euros on them. And if this does not end, then another 600 thousand jobs will go to pieces.

The US has come up with a cool fight with Russia for someone else’s expense. Everyone around should indulge them and fulfill Washington’s whims. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Europe is increasingly raising the issue of improving relations with Moscow and stopping the implementation of the decrees of the Americans.


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