Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili, who has said that the construction of a US military base in the country is inadvisable, could face an impeachment, Georgian MP from the opposition’s party, the United National Movement, Tinatin Bokuchava said.

“I’m becoming convinced day by day that this woman [Zourabichvili] will surely end up with an impeachment. However, it’s important now that before the impeachment she does not cause irreparable damage to the country by making such statements [on the US military base],” Bokuchava told reporters.

Secretary-General of the ruling party, Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia, and Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze believes that Georgian-US ties are friendly and at this stage the construction of a military base is not being considered.

“America has always been, is and will be our strategic partner and friend. It has been always standing next to our country since it gained independence. All decisions will be made after talks. At this stage of negotiations nothing has been said about this particular issue,” Kaladze told the Georgian Public Broadcasting’s First Channel.

Earlier, Zourabichvili told VOA’s Georgian Service in an interview in Tbilisi published on Wednesday that the construction of US military base in Georgia is inadvisable and may be viewed as a provocation. According to Zourabichvili, a former French diplomat who became Georgia’s first woman president in December 2018, Georgia needs to deepen ties with Washington, but should not take any steps, which would provoke other countries.

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