French police use tear gas against protesters in Paris

French police use tear gas against protesters in Paris

First clashes between protesters and police occurred on Montparnasse Avenue, where many members of the Yellow Vest movement gathered to take part in a demonstration jointly with trade unions.

Key clashes broke out near La Rotonde restaurant, where French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated reaching the runoff presidential election in 2017. Young people wearing masks, attacked police, throwing bottles and firecrackers.

In response, police fired tear gas grenades. Special mobile French police forces have detained several activists, but the situation in the city is still very tense. The protesters are insulting police and also reporters of state TV channels.

BFM TV channel has reported citing the Paris prefecture that 165 people have been detained. Starting from Tuesday, police have carried out more than 9,000 checks of citizens in the areas of numerous demonstrations in Paris. Police seized banned items, such as gas masks, hammers, knives, gas canisters and Molotov cocktails.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said some 7,400 police would ensure security during the May 1 demonstrations in Paris. The situation in the French capital is of particular concern, he said, confirming reports that a large number of extremists, including from other countries, could take part in the rallies.


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