UN’s Grandi warns ‘Europe is not prepared for a new refugee crisis’

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi said the EU is badly prepared for a new refugee crisis and asserted that the politicisation of the migration issue in the bloc has exacerbated the growing fissures between the European Union’s members which has left the public largely in the dark about any potentials dangers.

The bloc must, according to Grandi, commit to dealing with the refuggee crisis as the situation could rapidly deteriorate with little advanced warning.

Grandi warned that Europe should not make the mistake of taking the refugee issue off the agenda and called for more unity when it comes to the bloc’s refugee policy, saying, “the refugee flows need to be managed.”

Fast processing of asylum applications and the swift integration of people with protection titles are not sufficient according to Grandias measures for the return and reintegration of rejected asylum seekers should continue to be part of the management of the refugee flow.


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