The present atmosphere is merely a byproduct of a deeper and more significant divide and viewing the present conflict between these factions as just a battle between the left and the right would be a surface-level interpretation. On the contrary, the current struggle is much more significant and encompasses far more than political beliefs. The political conflict that is currently taking place on the streets of the world stems from a fundamental difference in individual perspectives, it is an all-out war between the truth and the lies, between the beautiful and the ugly, between degeneracy and true art. As was famously stated by the late Andrew Breitbart, “politics is downstream from culture.” Therefore, the contemporary political schism that we observe both within the United States and the Western world as a whole should be analyzed in the context of the correlated cultural contrast between two ideological camps.

There is a similar ongoing battle taking place between the beautiful and the ugly. Whereas just a few decades ago, models were objectively beautiful people of idealistic proportions that served as an inspiration to others, today that former group is being increasingly supplanted with monstrous, disgusting abominations. Instead of promoting healthy and aspirational ideals, the modern models are all too often obese, transgendered, or physically defective. As those advancing this replacement will surely argue, this is done in order to encourage diversity and to reassure the groups of people that have been historically looked down upon. It is clear to the unbiased eye that this is rather a transparent attempt to corrupt average people and indoctrinate them into their cult celebrating the grotesque. Whereas there was widespread outcry from the mainstream media when teen girls were allegedly tricked into unhealthy eating habits through seeing beautiful and thin women in their magazines, those screams have turned into silence now that the same magazine covers feature ever unhealthier overweight and obese women. As the iconic Karl Lagerfeld once put it, “these are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly.”

Taken as a whole, the general battle taking place today is between the people who desire, for whatever insidious reason, to make the world entirely homogeneous and depraved and the people who do not wish for such a new world order to come about. Ironically, it is this latter group of people that expressly wishes to preserve the differences between the different groups of people that is accused of racism. However, that too can be recognized as a common tactic of the opposing side. Namely, they tend to favor the strategy of accusing the other side of the very thing that they are themselves guilty. To an independent mind, the righteous side is obvious when one contrasts the people that want to destroy individual cultures through forced mixing and those that want to preserve the differences between the different groups.

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