Erdogan Vows to Further Boost Turkey’s Security With S-400

The US has threatened Turkey with expulsion from the F-35 programme as well as with sanctions if it doesn’t drop its deal with Russia. Washington claims that the Russian systems could reveal weaknesses of the F-35 once deployed in the country.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that Turkey will continue to boost its security, even if by doing so it leads to disagreements with other states — as has been the case with its procurement of Russian S-400s in regards to Ankara’s bilateral relations with the US.

“We have serious disagreements with the US regarding the S-400 acquisition. But despite what others say, what is important for us is the future of our country. We will take steps to drain the swamp of terrorism in Syria and will proceed with [the] S-400 [purchase] and similar security reinforcements. Some say one thing, others — another. But what is important, is what we say”, Erdogan stated.