‘Gone Are The Days’: Leading MEP Says Britain Must Accept Empire ‘Long-Dead’

Phillipe Lamberts, co-leader of the Belgian Green Party, has repeatedly made scathing interventions into the Brexit debate.
Prominent MEP Philippe Lamberts has said Nigel Farage’s nascent Brexit Party will be powerless in Brussels even if they do gain seats in the May European elections.

The pollster further suggests there are “many reasons” to believe the party’s standing will rise yet further in weeks to come, with data indicating a significant chunk of voters who backed the Conservatives in 2017 are dissatisfied with the direction the party is heading on Brexit — a mere 11 percent think the government is handling Brexit well, compared with 84 percent who think Whitehall’s handling it badly. Additionally, voters who backed the Conservatives at the last election think that leaving the EU without a deal — which the Brexit party advocates — would be a preferable outcome to Theresa May’s deal passing (48 percent for the former versus 21 percent for the latter). While a divisive character, Farage also remains popular among key voters his party needs to win over — 56 percent of leave voters who backed the Conservatives at the last election have a positive opinion of him.

“If you want a second referendum the UK would also need to take part in the European elections.” He said the onus is now on “the UK government to make up its mind. Running down the clock and scaring people has failed. My hope is that the UK government will find a majority for a workable option. After that, the UK government has to do what it can to make this happen.” He added, “If there is one lesson we have learned from all this it is Mrs May’s attitude and her failure to factor in what others think and her failure to forge any trust in her own cabinet and also in the Commons.”