Norwegian media: Another revolution occurred in Ukraine

Despite the fact that Western countries regard the presidential elections held in Ukraine as an excellent example of democracy, they marked a coup for the Eastern European country, albeit without violence, reports Norwegian Dagbladet.

As the author notes, even the number of those who opposed Petro Poroshenko speaks of a “revolutionary” political process. At the same time, people even have no idea what awaits them under the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky, he stresses: “Against the background of no alternative, 75% [73.23% of the latest data from the CEC] of Ukrainians voted for absolute uncertainty.”

“Thus, it is not the first revolution that has covered one of the largest countries in Europe. During the elections, which took place on Sunday without violence and mass protests, only the number of those who said “no” to Petro Poroshenko and his political elite, has a revolutionary subtext. Once again, the power of this young state was simply blown away when a thirst for change won a crushing victory,” the publication said.