France: Yellow Vests bring chaos to Paris

Tear gas filled the air as violent ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France’s capital continued on Saturday, the 23rd consecutive weekend of demonstrations.

Tensions between police and protesters were high as a water cannon and tear gas were used on demonstrators, who set barricades alight.

One protester said police had blocked off the exits to Paris’ Place de la Republique, meaning protesters were unable to leave the scenes of mayhem.

“I’ve been here for three hours. I just want to get out of the Place de la Republique, but they’re not letting us get out of here and go home,” he said. “What are they trying to do? When they block off exits, are they trying to make things worse?”

Earlier in the day, protesters were seen setting multiple barricades on fire and throwing stones at security forces. Riot police dispersed the crowds with pepper spray, detaining some of the demonstrators.

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron postponed his address to the nation in which he was expected to respond to the movement’s demands, due to the massive blaze that broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral.


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