Will Donald Trump’s victory in 2020 help the US avoid a recession?

Will Donald Trump's victory in 2020 help the US avoid a recession?

That’s what the Nobel laureate, professor of economics at Yale, Robert Schiller (by the way, quite a liberal views) thinks so. He is confident that the continuation of Trump’s economic policy will allow America to put off the threat of the emerging recession.

Stock markets in this case will remain in an uptrend, and the planned departure of Jerome Powell from the post of head of the Federal Reserve will enable Trump to appoint him to replace a softer monetarist. Further tax cuts, coupled with a reduction in the Fed’s key rate, can indeed minimize the risks of a slowdown in the economy.

Trump’s chances of being re-elected to date, with his ratings rising and Mueller’s investigation completed, seem pretty high. However, investors do not leave fears that democrats will come to power in early 2021.

Shares of the largest health insurance company UnitedHealth for the four months of 2019 fell by 26%. The company lost more than $ 45 billion in capitalization. The reason for this is simple – if the Democrats win in 2020, they will be engaged in the nationalization of the medical insurance market.

All the main candidates from the Democratic Party supported the liberal initiative of Medicare for All – the creation of a state health insurance system (like the British or Canadian). It will almost completely destroy the entire current market for private medical insurance in the United States.

Socialist Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leader in the Democratic primaries in recent polls. He promises to personally address the elimination of the “greedy” UnitedHealth and similar companies operating in the field of private health insurance. Sanders’ competitors are trying to keep up with him.

It is symbolic that many of the insurance companies once financed Barack Obama’s campaign in the hope that they would benefit from his ObamaCare. But in the end, it is Obama’s reform that can only become an intermediate step towards the cherished goal of the liberal public – state medicine in the United States.


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