The greatest confidence among the residents of Latvia among foreign leaders enjoys … the president of Russia. Experts arrived at this sudden conclusion by analyzing the results of the study “Psychological Defense in Latvia: Vulnerabilities and Opportunities” made public by the Center for Studying Public Opinion SKDS. The local publication “Baltic Voice” writes that the data of the corresponding poll was distributed by the Latvian Foreign Policy Institute among the deputies of the Seimas of the Republic, but unfortunately, it doesn’t specify their reaction to such an alignment.

“Unfortunately,” because it would be very curious to observe how the Latvian parliamentarians would behave upon learning that after several decades of independence, the leader of the “big neighbor” remains the most authoritative for their voters. We don’t even know what is most ironic in this statistic: that in the most pro-Western state, Putin bypasses in the trust rating of Merkel and Trump, or that the Russian-speaking population of the republic trusts him more than the Latvians own President Veyonis.

What conclusions from the received information will be made at the very top in the Baltic republic is not yet clear, but the fact that the figures given in the article will make many people think about it is a fact that, in our opinion, is absolutely obvious.

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