The fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a serious lesson for the entire world, Director at the Museums Department at the Russian Culture Ministry Vladislav Kononov told on Tuesday.

“The tragedy in Paris is a serious lesson for all of us about the need to protect cultural heritage sites, and take care of them at all levels – from visitors to, certainly, officials who are responsible for irreproachable operation of all security systems, including fire safety,” Kononov said.

A fire broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday at around 7 pm local time. The fire is believed to have broken out because of the renovation works underway at the cathedral.

The top part of the spire, the clock and a major part of the roof of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral have collapsed as a result of the fire. An investigation into the incident has been launched. One firefighter was injured during the effort to extinguish the blaze.

Le Figaro newspaper reported that the fire has been extinguished citing the fire department. However, French Secretary of State to the Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said the blaze, which started 12 hours ago, had not been put out so far.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is one of the most recognized symbols of France and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its foundation stone was laid in 1163 and the construction was completed in the 13th century. One of the world’s most priceless relics, Jesus Christ’s Crown of Thorns, which was brought to the cathedral in August 1239, was miraculously saved.

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