Vatican Blames Western Countries for Deaths Of Thousands Of Children

A huge number of innocent children died in the Middle East and Afghanistan during armed conflicts. And the responsibility for this lies with the United States and the countries of Europe, which produce and supply weapons to hot spots, provoking war for money.

This statement was made by Pope Francis during a meeting with students and faculty of the Institute of Milan San Carlo. His words are quoted by the Associated Press.

“The death of every child, the destruction of every family lies on the conscience of the states that produce and sell weapons,” he said, stressing that there would be no wars in the Middle East if the Western countries did not seek to enrich themselves by supplying weapons.

According to international observers, over the years of the war in Syria, more than 370,000 civilians were killed. Of these, more than 13 thousand women and over 21 thousand children.

At the same time, as it was repeatedly reported earlier, in Syria in the warehouses abandoned by terrorists of the Islamic state * weapons of American manufacture were found. The United States actually supplied those with whom they fought meaningfully.