Venezuelan Top Diplomat Praises ‘Sincere’ Montevideo Peace Mechanism

The mechanism set up by Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay and Caribbean nations to try to find a way out of the Venezuelan crisis is the only one acting in good faith, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Sunday.

“The Montevideo Mechanism (Uruguay, Mexico, CARICOM and Bolivia) is the most sincere and rigorous initiative that has been proposed. President Nicolas Maduro called for its activation yesterday. Dialogue and politics are always the way to go. There is no place for war and violence in Venezuela,” he tweeted.

Earlier, the Venezuelan president noted that with the participation of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the Caribbean countries Venezuela could establish a national dialogue with all political, cultural, economic and social sectors.

The initiative was unveiled at a Montevideo summit in February. The stakeholders proposed a four-step plan, including the launch of immediate dialogue followed by further negotiations, the drafting of an agreement on how to end the crisis and its implementation. Moscow, which backs Maduro, approved of this plan.

Venezuela has been gripped by unrest since Maduro was sworn in as president for a second term in January. This prompted US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido to declare himself interim president and promise a snap election. He was recognized by Washington and its allies in the region and in Europe.


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