London residents gather at Ecuadorian Embassy to support Assange after reports of expulsion

London residents gathered outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London on Friday morning, in response to reports about an ‘imminent’ expulsion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the embassy.

“This place has turned from a sanctuary to a trap really for Julian with the change of presidency in Ecuador,” said Ciaron, adding that “the extraction of Julian Assange from this building is probably inevitable and imminent.”

According to Karen, “this is just a whole sham and a whole scam.” “I can’t believe that that’s happening on the British soil,” said Karen, who rushed to the embassy in support of Julian Assange.

“I am almost 100 percent positive that a lot of Brits don’t know about this. If they did, I wonder what they would say about their asylum rights and about their human rights in foreign countries, because if we can break it over here, it can be broken for us elsewhere,” she concluded.

According to WikiLeak’s high-level sources, Assange is set be expelled within ‘hours to days’ from the embassy, on the pretext of the ‘INA Papers’ leak that unraveled scandals involving the President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno.


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