US looking for excuses to undermine relations with Iran, says Russian foreign ministry

The US is looking for excuses to undermine relations with Iran by claiming Iran’s involvement in the death of around 600 US troops in Iraq, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated during Thursday’s briefing.

“We were surprised to read the statement by US State Department Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook, in which he claims that Iran is involved in the death of six hundred US troops in Iraq. We haven’t heard of any clashes between Americans and Iranians on the territory of Iraq, so our Washington colleagues have to explain what exactly they mean by Teheran’s involvement,” the diplomat pointed out. “We understand that anti-Iranian sentiment is through the roof in Washington, but there has to be some ground to make these kinds of statements. You have to hold responsibility for what you have said. There is an impression that the US is thinking up another excuse to explain the escalation of relations with Iran if they deem it appropriate.”.