Events in Venezuela Resemble Onset of Syrian Crisis

Previously, Venezuelan Ambassador to Syria Jose Gregorio Biomorgi Muzzatiz noted that the crisis in the Latin American country was similar to the situation in Syria in 2011.

“The policies of some Western countries, led by the United States, in relation to what is happening in Venezuela, their brazen interference in its internal affairs, as well as the sanctions and embargo imposed on the country, have become the standard method to put pressure on countries that disagree with their agenda”, the Syrian President said in a statement.

“What is happening in Venezuela is similar to the events in Syria; their US and their allies purpose is hegemony over countries and appropriation of their sovereignty in violation of international law and the principles of the UN Charter”, he stressed.

Syria, as well as Russia, China, and many other countries, has given its support to legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in wake of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaiming himself the “interim president” of the Latin American country.

In the meantime, Washington subsequently imposed more sanctions against Caracas and confiscated some assets of the Venezuelan state, claiming that only Guaido is head of the country.


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