The Coordination Center for Refugees from Syria and Russia has denounced on Wednesday that the United States is deliberately postponing a solution to the crisis at Rubkan Syrian displaced persons camp along the country”s border with Jordan and Iraq.
In that context, all the US arguments about the unwillingness of the Syrian government to receive the detainees in Rukban are ‘unfounded and untrue’, according to a statement.

The Director of the Centre, from the Russian side, Colonel Mikhail Mezetsev, denounced that Washington is blocking access to the Tanef area and maintains a suspicious secrecy about what is happening in that camp, sheltering around 40,000 people.

The U.S. representatives once again rejected the invitation to attend the third coordination meeting to dismantle Camp Rukban, to be held on April 9.

The statement said the U.S. arguments are fake and unfounded, and clarified that the displaced Syrians continue to return from Jordan and Lebanon, where more than 170,000 people returned to their country in the past eight months.

According to the statement, the Syrian Government is open to working with United Nations representatives, and expects efficient assistance in returning displaced persons from the camp to their homes.

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