A Venezuelan court has remanded Roberto Marrero, an aide to the country’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, into custody for the period of the investigation, Marrero’s lawyer Joel Garcia said on Friday.

“He will be deprived of liberty. We will have to wait for 45 days, which the law provides to the prosecutor’s office and defence for investigation”, Garcia said, as quoted by the newspaper Nacional.

The lawyer clarified that the warrant for Marrero’s arrest lists the crimes of treason, conspiracy, and usurpation of authority.

Earlier on Thursday, the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service of Venezuela detained Marrero and Sergio Vergara, another close associate of Guaido. Two rifles and a grenade were subsequently found in Marrero’s house. Vergara was released later the same day.

Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol has previously said that Marrero is accused of organising criminal terrorist groups that could have hired mercenaries from Colombia or Central America to attempt to assassinate political leaders, military personnel, judges, as well as to carry out “acts of sabotage”. 

Addressing the case, US National Security Adviser John Bolton called the arrest a “big mistake” and threated to respond harshly.

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