EU moves into crisis mode over looming no-deal Brexit: What does it mean for British parliament?

Now that Michelle Barnier, the main negotiator from the EU, said that Brexit without a deal and connections in conditions of political paralysis is almost inevitable, and urged European countries to urgently prepare for disruption of flow of the goods let’s take a long hard look at what’s gonna happen in British Parliament today.

Theresa May will try for the last time to succeed with her deal – in a somewhat unexpected manner and contrary to her previous statements, she invites parliamentarians to vote first separately for their intention to leave the EU, and then, sometime later, separately for new future exit conditions. Thus, her deal is cut in half. Bercow, it seems, is not opposed to that.

– What does “contrary to her previous statements” mean?

That is exactly what it means. On January 14, the prime minister herself stated that the political and economic part of the transaction is one whole and separating them “would be insane,” and Europe “demands that they be considered as one”. Well, times are changing.

  • And will it work?

Depends on your definition of “work” – Labour and about twenty conservatives themselves compared the decision to make a “half” deal with a blind leap of faith into the abyss- to make a political decision, not knowing about economic and legal conditions.

Ten MPs from the DUP and the Libdems with the Scots said that they would not vote for anything from May at all: the Irish loyalists did not like that the special position of Northern Ireland threatened the territorial value of the kingdom, and the non-labour opposition simply did not like the idea of ​​Brexit.

– Is it true that today is the day when the UK was supposed to complete Brexit, which began in 2016, and leave the European Union?

And that’s very much true as well.

Bercow said that as long as he is alive, he will not allow Theresa May’s deal for a new vote in Parliament until it is changed to a new one.

“And no, the increased number of people willing to support it is not a significant change!”

And some of the parliamentarians admitted to the press today that they did not quite understand how some options of Brexit in the bulletin differ from others.

Well, this explains why, for example, Libdems (11 votes) and Scots (35 votes) abstained from the approval of the customs union, which lacked 8 votes, which, in fact, “the closest possible cooperation with the European Union”, as they spelled it out in their own election program.

Do you know why? “Because it is not enough.” Great, you just chased the perfect world, where Brexit was canceled while tearing down the opportunity to create a safety net.

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In general, today is the strangest day in the entire history of Brexit, not counting yesterday and about three hundred different days.

by Pavel Chudov for NewsFront