Realizing that the United States, with its liquefied natural gas, is not in a position to compete with Russian energy supplies to the European Union countries, Washington once again decided to take the path of dirty competition.

Thus, the US House of Representatives voted for 391 congressmen against 24 and approved a bill implying restrictive measures designed to prevent Europe from cooperating with Russia in the energy sector.

The official motivation of US lawmakers is supposedly in their desire to “reduce dependence” of EU countries on Russian energy supplies, increase competition in the European market, and also stimulate investment promotion by US companies in this area and increase exports of energy and technology from overseas.

In practice, the goal of Washington is more prosaic. Taking into account the implementation of the North Stream-2 project, the supply of cheap Russian gas does not leave a single chance to expensive American LNG. The United States is in danger of finally losing the European energy market, which is why they are trying to exert pressure while simultaneously promoting their own companies in the EU.

The document will take effect after it is agreed by the Senate and signed by the President of the United States.

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