Netanyahu Cuts Visit to US to Assume Control Over Response to Gaza Attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he would cut his visit to the United States and return to Israel to take charge of a response to the recent attack from the Gaza Strip.

“In the light of the events related to the security, I have decided to shorten my visit to the United States. In a few hours I will meet with [US President Donald] Trump and immediately return to Israel to control our actions on the spot,” the prime minister said, as cited by his press service.

Seven people, including children, were injured earlier in the morning by a Palestinian shell that hit a crowded residential neighborhood in Israel.

Israel has been activating its missile defence systems several times in this months due to the registered rocket launches from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. In the first week of March Israeli fighter jets conducted airstrike on several targets in Gaza after air attack sirens went off in the southern region of Israel bordering the Gaza Strip. 

This happened just the next day after the Israel Defence Forces stated a tank struck a Hamas outpost in the Gaza Strip in response to shelling against Israel from the territory of the enclave.


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