Washington decided to methodically approach an increase in the military presence in Europe, starting with the arrangement in Poland of the facility where the hangars with armored vehicles, as well as arsenals with weapons and ammunition will be placed, told NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a commentary to the American edition of The Wall Street Journal.

The object is positioned precisely as a large-scale military warehouse, which, according to the secretary general of the alliance, is necessary “to strengthen the expanding American presence in Poland.” “This is a demonstration of how closely we interact with the United States,” Stoltenberg stressed.

The project will begin in the summer. It is estimated at $260 million. In addition to it, four more similar objects will appear in European countries: two in Germany, as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium. All of them will have to allow the US Armed Forces to deploy as quickly as possible in Europe. Moreover, by 2021, the North Atlantic Alliance intends to modernize the transport infrastructure, for which 250 projects have already been prepared.

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