Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu flew to Syria and held talks with President Bashar Assad. He also conveyed a message from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Syrian leader. During the negotiations Shoigu discussed with Asad questions of combating international terrorism and a political settlement after the end of the civil war in Syria. In addition, the issues of voluntary return of refugees were discussed.

SU-35S fighters of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia were accompanied by an aircraft by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over the territory of Syria. The head of the military department arrived at Khmeimim airbase to hold talks with Syrian Arab Republic president Bashar Al-Assad, according to the Defense Ministry on his Facebook.

Shoigu held talks with Assad and conveyed to him a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin – it was on his instructions that the Russian minister visited the Arab Republic.

During the meeting, issues of the counter-terrorism struggle in Syria, various aspects of security in the Middle East and a political settlement following the end of the civil war in the Syria were discussed.
Assad and Shoigu also discussed the possibility of a voluntary return to the country of refugees and the delivery of humanitarian aid. The head of the Ministry of Defense noted that thanks to the help of Russia, Syria was able to stop the rampant terrorists and stop the spread of violence, reports FAN.
The Syrian leader, in turn, said that Syrian-Russian cooperation was one of the key factors “in the resilience of Syria” in the face of the threat of terrorism. Assad noted that some states are “only in words” fighting terrorism, in fact, supporting militants.

The Russian minister said that the West deliberately creates new obstacles to overcome the Syrian crisis.

“However, not everyone is satisfied with the successes of the Syrian government in restoring a peaceful life. Western countries are trying to minimize any positive changes in Syria, ”, – said Shoigu.

In January, the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that the formation of a constitutional commission in Syria has been going on for too long. As noted NSN with reference to Shoigu. Russia “is consistent in this part” and hopes for a transition to an active political process, which is the construction of a constitutional commission, the creation of a Constitution and the development of a mechanism for its adoption. All this is in the framework of the implementation of resolution 2254, which provides for the normalization of the situation in Syria.

In 2014, without the consent of Damascus and the approval of the UN, military intervention in Syria from the United States and its allies began. American troops are conducting an operation in the region against the IS (organization banned in Russia) and support the “moderates”, demanding a change of power in Syria.

Russia, in turn, at the invitation of the head of the country, Bashar al-Assad, from 2015 conducted an operation of aerospace forces in cooperation with government forces.

On December 11, 2017, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, during a visit to the airbase, Hmeymim announced the end of hostilities and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and on the same day ordered the Minister of Defense General of the Army Sergei Shoigu to withdraw the bulk of the forces and assets of the Russian grouping. The first units returned to the places of deployment on the territory of Russia on December 12, the final withdrawal operation ended on December 22 of the same year.

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