Claiming that the change in Crimea’s political status was introduced in strict compliance with international law and current practices, unlike the case of Kosovo, Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev has called upon Indian businessmen to explore the vast opportunities the Crimean region has to offer after reunification with Russia.

New Delhi (Sputnik): An event was organised in New Delhi on Monday to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. As Moscow is making efforts to improve infrastructure in the Black Sea peninsula, Nikolay Kudashev, Russian Ambassador to India, called upon Indian businessmen to explore Crimea’s vast resources and opportunities.  

“The friendly and age-old trust which India and Russia have must now find a way to Crimea and I call upon Indian government and businesses to explore the opportunities and advantages which Crimean region offers”, Ambassador Kudashev said.  

An Indian policy expert says steps are being taken by the Indian government to further ease the process for Indian businessmen seeking opportunities in different parts of Russia.

“India has recently set up a separate desk at the NITI Ayog of which I am an active member to iron out any difficulties faced by businesses in dealing and going to Russia. I think this process will speed up in future”, Ashwin Johar, vice chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy Research said. 

Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador also took the opportunity to lash out at critics by remarking that those questioning Moscow’s intentions are the same powers that pursued “unprincipled politics” in Yugoslavia and “irresponsible actions that were prelude to tragic misadventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria”. 

“It is surprising to hear, especially on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Yugoslavia bombardment by NATO in 1999, criticism from those who were directly indulging in aggressive and unprincipled politics back then”, Kudashev said while addressing the gathering in New Delhi. 

A senior Indian journalist says he agrees with the ambassador’s views.

“The war in Kosovo was a case of severe transgression which was looked otherwise by the media, and it must be agreed upon that media must be impartial while reporting on issues of international offensives”, Sandeep Dixit, a senior journalist covering foreign affairs said. 

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