French Politician Vows To Push For Better Ties With Russia

President of the French-Russian Dialogue Association Thierry Mariani plans to prioritize restoration of normal ties with Russia if elected to the European parliament. He was speaking at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I personally too take part in these elections and assure you that restoring ties with Russia will be a priority. I even hope that we will be able to form a group, which will get a certain majority, and we will try to change the course of events through our active participation in changing the agenda,” the French politician said, assuring Putin that Russia has friends in Europe.

According to Mariani, the significance of the elections will be decisive, since the new composition of the European Parliament could try to restore normal ties with Russia. He noted that Marine Le Pen’s political party as well as political forces in Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia do not want to sever relations with Moscow, and Mariani counts on their support.


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