France Bans Protests At Tourist Sites In Paris


Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in a televised statement from Paris that after “intolerable” events over the weekend, the government had decided to ban any future yellow vest demonstrations “in the areas that have been most targeted,” if authorities became aware of “extremist elements” that intended to vandalise.

Philippe said one of those areas would be the Champs-Élysées, a major avenue in western Paris with luxury stores and tourist attractions that has become a focal point for the protests.

Critics argued that it was the government that had dropped its guard, lashing out at Interior Minister Christophe Castaner for skimping on security resources.

“We should be able to handle a situation like the one we’ve experienced,” said Paris’ left-wing mayor, Anne Hidalgo. “I’m expecting explanations from the government,” she added.

In a sign of the government’s effort to address the criticism, Philippe said that the head of the Paris police, Michel Delpuech, who has been under fire, would be replaced this week.